Prints & Usage

Digital Prints

Digital prints are scanned from original negatives.

Silver Gelatin Prints

Prints developed from original negative.

Sepia Prints

Brown toned photographs cost 50% more than digital prints.


Larger size are priced upon request. Orders take 10 business days to print. We accept cashier checks, money orders, Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Diners Club. All images are copyrighted.

Size           Digital Prints       Silver Gelatin

8×10               $150                     $225

11×14             $225                     $337

16×20             $325                     $487

20×40             $450                     $675

24×30             $525                      $787

30×40             $625                      $925




We have over 100,000 historical photographs taken across the United States and abroad since 1884. Subjects include but in no way cover the breadth of the collection:  San Francisco/Bay Area, trades and professions, historical events, classic architecture, maritime, national parks, automobiles, sports, construction of the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge. We even have albums of historic kitchens! So please contact us with your specific needs, sizes, runs, etc.

Interior Designers/Merchandisers

Our photos grace many a hall, be it professional or personal. We have offered professional discounts depending on the size of the job, so please call.

Web Designers

We are a family business. We’ve spent our lives dedicated to creating beautiful, priceless images. So while we are happy you enjoy our photographs, when you disseminate our photographs you are hurting our business! All of our images are copyrighted and NOT to be posted without our express permission (that includes you Pinterest and Tumblr!).


Even if you are a student or professor the copyright laws still apply. Please contact us for permission and rates.


Moulin Studios supports non-profit organizations, but please call us with the specifics of your project and/or usage needs.


Copyright Information

All photography of the Moulin Studios website are protected from copying, scanning or reproduction under Federal Law.

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